History begin



Formerly known as Hoa Moc Wood Factory, we have developed to HOANG THAO CONSTRUCTION AND INTERIOR DECORATION CO., LTD in 2009, which international transaction name is HOANG THAO DÉCOR.

With a team of skilled and experienced engineers, highly skilled construction workers, we always commit deliver our work with the high status of creativity and demand for use, and also give them a distinctive design.

It can be said that HOANG THAO CONSTRUCTION - INTERIOR CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD has always been a trusted partner and the top choice of customers by many years of experience in implementing package design and construction projects of big projects such as restaurant, café, villas, luxury apartment ...

With meticulous attention to detail for every living space as well as a focus on quality and people, we are confident to bring customers a sense of peace of mind, relaxed and inspiring with my own living space.